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Hi, I'm Sam!

SAMANTHA J HORNE is an artist, dog rescue volunteer, and snack enthusiast. You can call her Sam. She grew up in Texas and currently lives in Tokyo.

Sam spent a few years hopping around university majors in the natural sciences, and then she took a break and tried some art classes for fun. After getting her “accidental” art degree, she still had no idea how to market her paintings. She managed a small side art business making custom and original pins and magnets, but she found it harder and harder to create, which was eventually explained when she received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Luckily she has great doctors and an amazing husband, so she has had the emotional support and medical assistance necessary to fight her way back to a productive, happy life.

Seven years after getting that degree, she finally started painting again and also found the energy to start giving more focus and shine to her graphic design merchandise. She feels lucky to have the use of her hands and feet, thrilled to experience Japan, and grateful to her inner critic for finally giving her the go-ahead to make art full-time. She makes cute, happy, fun things to share her joy and gratitude with the rest of the world. Pets and snacks all day!