cream and white chihuahua heart sticker.png

SAMANTHA J HORNE is an artist, dog rescue volunteer, and snack enthusiast. You can call her Sam. She grew up in Texas and currently lives in Singapore.

After a few semesters trying out university majors in the natural sciences, Sam took some art classes just for fun and ended up with an “accidental” art degree. For nearly a decade, she poured her creativity into managing a toy store and a small side art business making custom and original pins and magnets. NiceButton has evolved, and now Sam keeps her business portable, designing new things no matter where she lives, and selling her silly-happy designs online.

As a #multiplesclerosiswarrior, Sam feels lucky to be in good physical health, thrilled to live and travel in Asia, and grateful to her inner critic for finally giving her the go-ahead to make art full-time. She makes cute, happy, fun things to share her joy and gratitude with the rest of the world. Pets and snacks all day!