Gratitude! (and more autumn colors)

Fighting my negative voices has been a bit easier this morning because I've been reminding myself about all the "gratitude ammo" I've been stockpiling this week.

  • I changed MS medications, so I no longer have to inject myself every day
  • My newest MS symptoms are starting to clear up
  • The weather is beautiful today, and the fall colors are still amazing
  • My husband finally came back from an overseas trip
  • And so I got to spend the afternoon at Inokashira Park with the awesomest person I know

I hope you have things to be grateful for today. Maybe some beautiful Japanese gardens will brighten it up a little? Here's a video of last week's park trip. I had lunch with a friend, and then we walked around Shinjuku Gyoen to see more fall colors and check out the greenhouse full of rainforest plants. Which reminds me, I'm also grateful to have made a few friends in Tokyo. I'm not completely lonely when husband travels. :)