5 reasons to draw dogs

While I'm in between foster dogs, I decided to finish up this little sketchbook painting that I started three months ago. While I was working on it, I started to think about the dogs that I grew up with, the ones that I've fostered, and even some that I got very attached to back when I was a volunteer dog walker. Basically I was just reminiscing about great times I've had with dogs. So, nothing new really, huh? 

And after the piece was done, I was assessing what I learned from painting it, and my notes turned into an essay, which became a listicle of 5 Reasons You Should Paint Dogs. It started out tongue-in-cheek, but I love dogs too much that the final video is kind of embarrassingly earnest.

So go draw some dogs! And if you're not into art, you should volunteer at a shelter instead. Or do both. Because hanging out with dogs is awesome and so fulfilling!

Animal Refuge Kansai has a shelter in Osaka, and in Tokyo they can always use volunteers for adoption events. Or you can also sponsor the ongoing construction of their second shelter (in Sasayama).