Momoe is adopted!

Momoe has been adopted! Tomorrow she will take a plane ride to her new forever home in Osaka, and she will spend her days at the veterinary where her new mom works. So today she cleaned up a bit.

I was struggling to keep things light and positive while trying to give her little teeth a brushing, but she kept trying to bite the toothbrush. I thought it was in protest, but when I finally let her clamp down, she showed me how it is done. She likes this toothbrush way better than any of her toys! We'll miss you, little smartypants.


Here she is cleaning her own teeth. After I took the video below, I let go of the brush and she kept at it for several minutes. I took the brush away when it started to disintegrate. If you try this at home, don't use human toothpaste, as it can be harmful to dogs. And maybe best not to let them ruin a toothbrush that they could swallow pieces of. You can buy little toys instead that are more durable and have toothbrush-like bristles.

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