Great progress, Konbu!

2017/10/13 Update: Konbu has been adopted!

Some notes about Konbu's progress:

  • His biggest improvement has been walking on a leash. During our first week, whenever I took him outside, he would always cower or try to bolt. So I spent a great deal of time with him on very tedious walks, where I would stop walking every time he pulled on the leash. It's slow, patient work, but it's paying off. He still pulls, but usually not as hard. It helps that his new leash is a bit longer, so he has more room to explore.
  • He likes to potty outside, but he also uses pee pads indoors. He's a very big puppy, though, so I have learned to put out 2 or 4 in a grid so he is less likely to "miss".
  • He doesn't bark often. If he starts to get excited about a toy or food he might let out one big bark, at which point I sit on the couch and offer him a quiet toy and some petting to distract him.
  • He still has lots of restless dreams, but they are starting to sound less scary.
  • The KONG is his favorite toy ever, but it sometimes has really delicious stuff inside, so that's no big surprise.
  • Originally, he would only approach his food and water if I left the room, but now he will eat if I go sit somewhere else.

And finally...

  Hiding from the big bad monster!

Hiding from the big bad monster!

He still gets scared of the most random things! The #1 Most Terrifying Thing in the home is a 12" Totoro doll which usually lives on the table behind the TV and watches over the doorway. Today I moved it so I could dust. Now that Konbu is aware of its existence, he is sneaking around so as not to disturb it. Second most terrifying thing? The ottoman, because it opens for storage. Also, plastic grocery bags. I try so hard to understand this dog...