Waiting for Panjuro

2017/11/15 Update: Panjuro has been adopted!

This Sunday we're going to a Tokyo ARK adoption event at Pet Spa in Shakujiimachi. Maybe we will get to see Konbu again? He's been going on lots of adventures with his new foster family, and I hear he's very happy.

But we are especially looking forward to this adoption event because we will meet our new foster dog, Panjuro! He appears to be a shih tzu / chihuahua mix, and he is very cute. We can't wait!

I'm going to shop for a bicycle tomorrow so I can take him to the dog park. (It's too far to walk, and most of the trains don't allow pets.)

And in honor of our new buddy, I took a break today from painting plants and bugs.

And in case you've come from YouTube, here's the reference photo I took for the painting.