Panjuro is here!

2017/11/15 Update: Panjuro has been adopted!

This little guy is so very cute. A chihuahua / shih tzu mix, maybe?

He's a bit senior (11 years), and a smidge overweight at over 6kg, but he has been walking 2-5 km with me each of the past three days and doesn't seem to mind at all. On the other hand, he keeps trying to poke his head into the fridge in hopes that he can find a snack that tastes better than his veterinarian diet kibble.

He made friends with both me and my husband only a couple of hours after we brought him home, and now he is like a little shadow that stays close behind our feet. We notice he's missing one of his little fangs, and he often sticks his tiny tongue out when he is sleeping. And he sleeps ALL DAY. I'm a little jealous!

Panjuro is available for adoption through Tokyo ARK, who will hold an adoption event on Sunday August 27 at PET SPA in Jingumae. Come meet him!