Perfect Pooch

2017/11/15 Update: Panjuro has been adopted!

I cannot get enough of this amazing, wonderful, delightful little dog.

We foster because we want to help dogs who are perfectly loveable, but are in danger of euthanasia because they are waiting for their new families to come find them. We also foster because we are still in transition ourselves, and we don't want to put any animals through the trauma of an overseas move. One day, when we are settled down and not at all likely to move in 2-6 years, Panjuro is exactly the kind of dog we hope to adopt. 

He's a bit older and seems to have had a kind home, and so he

  • is calm and well-behaved.
  • loves morning cuddles,
  • walks 2-5 km every day with me,
  • likes to play on the bed and make funny happy faces,
  • is just the right size for carrying (sometimes he wants to turn down the wrong street, so I have to carry him for 10 meters to help him change his mind)
  • isn't too fussy about getting a bath

He's a really good little friend. And would you believe I've already taken over 100 photos of his adorable face? I really cannot get enough of Pan-chan.

Read more about Panjuro at the Tokyo ARK site, or come meet him at an adoption event - he'll be at Pet Spa in Jingumae this Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.