Great weather, great walks

2017/11/15 Update: Panjuro has been adopted!

Panjuro and I have been taking very lovely afternoon walks while we have this beautiful September weather between typhoons. We walk around for 20-30 minutes, and then on the way home, we take a nice long break by a park bench so he can have a drink of water, soak in some sunshine, and eat a little grass for a snack. (I really wish I could understand why dogs love this so much. I guess I like broccoli and spinach and kale, though, so maybe it's not so weird.)

Panjuro stays close by and doesn't try to escape. The closest he comes to bolting is when he is startled by a cat or a pigeon, but they usually don't interest him. He's such a chill companion.

Learn more about Panjuro at or come meet him at one of the adoption fairs in Tokyo!

He's definitely a one-person kind of dog though, so it's hard to get to know him while he's standing around at the adoption fair worrying about me. He acted the same way with another volunteer who only fostered him for three days!! He's going to be suuuuuper-attached to whoever adopts him! Loyal buddy.

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