Spoonflower dreams come true

When I found out about Spoonflower several years ago, I imagined turning all my button designs into cute fabrics and gift wraps. I made a few fabrics, ordered two samples, and then stopped. You have to order samples to proof before you can sell the patterns, and the samples were a little pricey back then. I also didn't have any sewing projects in mind, so I left some un-proofed fabrics in the shop and shelved the idea.

Fast forward to this year. I received a message that someone really wanted to buy one of my not-for-sale designs. Upon consideration, I realized my digital design skills have improved so that I'm probably 20x faster at the process of turning a design into a repeating pattern and tweaking everything to make it look "just so". And the samples are so inexpensive now! So I spent this spring creating 30 fabrics for a sample pack. It has been a big project a long time in the making, and I'm super-excited about the results!

They all look awesome Cute, happy, fun–a.k.a. totally on-brand. Two of the fabrics had flaws, but I was able to quickly change those and re-upload the fixes. So now all 30 of these designs are available in my Spoonflower shop as fabrics, wallpapers and gift wraps. If you like a design but it's not quite the right size, I can easily scale it up or down for your project. Hooray for vector graphics!

spoonflower gif.gif

And my designs are already selling and further boosting my confidence! What a fun little snowball of happiness this is becoming. Thanks to friends, customers, and even Spoonflower's auto-email-bots for your encouragement and well-wishes. I really couldn't do this without the little bursts of energy I get from people expressing interest in my work.

Spoonflower Great news you're a success ferret fabric.png